Do you use Dubsado to run your service based business

but feel lost and overwhelmed by workflows and the setup process?

I’ve built a DIY course just for you! This course is a hands on, step-by-step guide to getting your account up and running—fast! We will focus on adjusting your most essential settings, creating your templates, building your workflows, and even doing some QA testing before launching live!

For a limited time, I'm offering FREE access to the entire course as I create it so I can start gaining feedback from a set of beta testers—which could include YOU! Click the button below to join now for FREE.

What You'll Learn

  • 1

    Module 1: Introduction to the Course

    • Module 1 Workbook

    • Lesson 1.1: Course Promotion Video

    • Lesson 1.2: Welcome to the Course

    • Lesson 1.3: Meet Your Trainer

    • Lesson 1.4: 2 Important Things Before We Get Started...

    • Lesson 1.5: How to Sign Up for a FREE Dubsado Trial Account

    • Bonus Download: Workflow Strategy Workbook

    • Bonus Download: Glossary of Dubsado Terms & Icons

    • Beta Tester Feedback Survey

  • 2

    Module 2: Dubsado Basic Account Overview & Essential Settings

    • Module 2 Workbook

    • Lesson 2.1: Module Introduction

    • Lesson 2.2: Basic Account Overview Tour

    • Lesson 2.3: The 6 Most Essential Settings to Adjust in Dubsado

    • Lesson 2.4: How to Set Up Your Branding in Dubsado

    • Lesson 2.5: How to Set Your Time, Location, and Currency Settings in Dubsado (a.k.a. International Settings)

    • Lesson 2.6: How to Set Up Your Invoices & Payment Processing in Dubsado

    • Lesson 2.7: How to Sync Your Email Account With Dubsado

    • Lesson 2.8: How to Set Up Your Chart of Accounts in Dubsado

    • Lesson 2.9: How to Sync Your External Calendar With Dubsado

    • Lesson 2.10: Module Conclusion

    • Beta Tester Feedback Survey

  • 3

    Module 3: How to Create Templates in Dubsado - Part I

    • Module 3 Workbook

    • Lesson 3.1: Module Introduction

    • Lesson 3.2: What Are Templates in Dubsado?

    • Lesson 3.3: How to Set Up Packages in Dubsado

    • Lesson 3.4: How to Set Up Sales Tax in Dubsado

    • Lesson 3.5: How to Set Up Coupons & Discounts in Dubsado

    • Lesson 3.6: How to Set Up Schedulers in Dubsado—Basic Settings

    • Lesson 3.7: How to Set Up Schedulers in Dubsado—Advanced Settings

    • Bonus Download: Appointment Scheduler Cheat Sheet

    • Lesson 3.8: How to Set Up Payment Schedules in Dubsado

    • Lesson 3.9: What Are SmartFields and How Do They Work in Dubsado?

    • Lesson 3.10: How to Set Up Canned Emails in Dubsado

    • Lesson 3.11: Module Conclusion

    • Beta Tester Feedback Survey

  • 4

    Module 4: How to Create Templates in Dubsado - Part II

    • Module 4 Workbook

    • Lesson 4.1: Module Introduction

    • Lesson 4.2: What Are the Different Types of Forms in Dubsado?

    • Lesson 4.3: How to Create Forms in Dubsado—Basic Building Blocks

    • Lesson 4.4: How to Create Forms in Dubsado—Special Building Blocks

    • Bonus Download: Dubsado Form Building Blocks Cheat Sheet

    • Lesson 4.5: How to Adjust Form Settings in Dubsado—Basic Settings

    • Lesson 4.6: How to Adjust Form Settings in Dubsado—Special Settings

    • Bonus Download: Dubsado Form Settings Cheat Sheet

    • Lesson 4.7: Where Can I Find Pre-Made & For-Purchase Forms for Dubsado?

    • Lesson 4.8: Module Conclusion

    • Beta Tester Feedback Survey

  • 5

    Module 5: How to Build Automated Workflows in Dubsado

    • Module 5 Workbook

    • Lesson 5.1: Module Introduction

    • Lesson 5.2: What Are Dubsado Workflows and How Do They Work?

    • Lesson 5.3: What are Workflow Actions in Dubsado?

    • Lesson 5.4: How to Set Up Workflow Timing & Triggers in Dubsado

    • Lesson 5.5: What Can Be Sent Through Dubsado Workflows?

    • Lesson 5.6: What Additional Options are Available in Dubsado Workflows?

    • Lesson 5.7: How to Automate Appointment & Payment Reminders in Dubsado

    • Lesson 5.8: Putting it All Together—How to Build Your Workflow in Dubsado

    • Lesson 5.9: Dubsado Workflow Examples—A Behind-the-Scenes Look at One of My Workflows

    • Lesson 5.10: Module Conclusion

    • Bonus Download: Workflow Actions & Triggers Cheat Sheet

    • Special Offer: Dubsado Workflow Mapping Tool

    • Beta Tester Feedback Survey

  • 6

    Module 6: How to Test & Troubleshoot Your Dubsado Workflow

    • Module 6 Workbook

    • Lesson 6.1: Module Introduction

    • Lesson 6.2: How to Create a Test Client in Dubsado

    • Lesson 6.3: How to Test Your Dubsado Workflows

    • Lesson 6.4: How to Identify & Troubleshoot Common Workflow Errors in Dubsado

    • Lesson 6.5: How to Edit Your Dubsado Workflow After It's Built

    • Lesson 6.6: How to Sign Up for a Dubsado Workflow Review With Me

    • Lesson 6.7: Module Conclusion

    • Bonus Download: Workflow Testing Checklist & Reference Guide

    • Beta Tester Feedback Survey

  • 7

    Module 7: How to Launch & Maintain Your Dubsado Workflows

    • Module 7 Workbook

    • Lesson 7.1: Module Introduction

    • Lesson 7.2: What to Check Before Launching Your Dubsado Workflows Live

    • Lesson 7.3: How to Upgrade Your Free Trial Account to a Paid Dubsado Subscription (and When)

    • Lesson 7.4: How to Make Updates to Your Dubsado Workflows

    • Bonus Download: Maintaining Your Dubsado Workflows

    • Lesson 7.5: How to Get Help With Your Dubsado Setup & Workflows

    • Lesson 7.6: Module Conclusion

    • Course Complete—Congratulations! 🎉

    • Beta Tester Feedback Survey

What Students Are Saying...

5 star rating


amy labadie

I stumbled upon this course searching for a training aspect as a virtual assistant. The materials are very thorough and gave me more insight than some of th...

Read More

I stumbled upon this course searching for a training aspect as a virtual assistant. The materials are very thorough and gave me more insight than some of the others that are out there! When it's complete it will be even better! Thanks Sarah!

Read Less
5 star rating

Made for Success

Ashley Pride

I signed up for Dubsado and left it unused for weeks because it was too complicated. It was painful to weed through videos and social media threads, trying t...

Read More

I signed up for Dubsado and left it unused for weeks because it was too complicated. It was painful to weed through videos and social media threads, trying to grasp how to get started and actually make money using the service in a way that made sense for me. When I jumped into Sarah's course, it brought together all the valuable content she's been sharing (featured in her YouTube Series Dubsado Tidbits) and more in a way that made getting started easy and fun. I would not have gotten nearly as much value out of the program if I hadn't taken this step by step course. And the bonuses - just wait and see! Sarah, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping designers and coaches like me get started simply. I am now set up for success!

Read Less
star rating

Beta Testing FAQ

  • What does it mean to "Join the Beta Test"?

    This course is still under construction, but by joining as a beta tester, you will be given free access to lessons as they are published in exchange for your honest feedback.

  • How long will I have free access as a Beta Tester?

    Beta testing will likely continue throughout the duration of the course creation process, which is ongoing at the moment. However, if we reach capacity on beta testers before the course is completed, we may decide to close beta testing enrollments or implement a small fee to join as a beta tester.

  • As a Beta Tester, will I be given full access to the entire course?

    Beta Testers will be given access to a majority of the course content as that content becomes available. However, the finalized course will include additional premium content that will not be released until the course is open for paid enrollments.

  • When will the full / premium version of the course be completed?

    Completing the buildout of his course is not a high priority at this time. However, you are more than welcome to enjoy the free content "as is" in the meantime and don't hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions in the meantime.

Join the FREE Beta Test

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Workflow Strategist & Dubsado Pro

Sarah Leigh Day

Hi! My name is Sarah Leigh Day and I am a Workflow Strategist and Dubsado Pro. I first started using Dubsado myself back in 2017, started helping some of my VA clients get their accounts setup in 2018, and by the end of 2019 I was pivoting my VA business towards offering Dubsado support as my core, signature service. Prior to owning my own business, I was working in the corporate world and I realized that the assignments I enjoyed the most were the ones where I got to help train new staff or explain a new topic to my peers. I just love teaching others how to simplify their lives using tools like Dubsado and I can’t wait to make a greater impact through this course! Thank you so much for joining me—let’s get ready to rock your business!